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E37: 5 Steps to Amazing Presentations

E37: 5 Steps to Amazing Presentations

December 19, 2018

Veteran keynote speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, conducts a unique masterclass on the art of presentation.

Become an elite presenter following these five steps:

1) Make excellence your personal standard (no more "winging it")

2) Place a premium value on your time and expertise

3) Use Michael's secret weapon (the "Reverse Presentation")

4) Stop being chained to your slide deck

5) Get a coach

This webinar was sponsored by the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce and the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Michael Angelo Caruso has spoken on five continents and in 49 of the 50 states.

He is known as "the speaker's speaker" and has helped thousands of leaders and salespeople become better through is "Present Like a Pro" online course.

More info about Michael's products and services at his website.

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E36: Dan Musser, President of Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

E36: Dan Musser, President of Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

December 19, 2018

Dan Musser is President of the largest summer hotel in the world.

Grand Hotel is the crown jewel of Mackinac Island. A 397-room wooden building, the hotel is one of the most unique travel experiences you can ever have.

There is no motor transportation on Mackinac Island, only horse drawn carriages and bicycles.

The movie "Somewhere In Time," starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve, was filmed at Grand Hotel in 1980.

Hundreds of famous celebrities have stayed there. The following five U.S. Presidents have been guests at Grand Hotel: Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman).

Jane Seymour still attends "Somewhere In Time" reunions on the island.

This interview conducted as part of Michael Angelo Caruso's podcast series, covers a wide range of topics, including:

- How Grand Hotel finds good help
- The sweet spot between tradition and relevance
- How product and service differentiation can really pay off
- The value of "truth in advertising"

More interesting facts about Grand Hotel:

- During the 2017 season, Grand Hotel used 9,000 pounds of prime rib, 102,500 pounds of potatoes, 5,500 pounds of rack of lamb, 6,400 pounds of bacon, 42,500 pounds of strawberries and 6,000 pounds of pecans

- The 5 millionth Grand Hotel guest checked in (and out) in 2006

- More than 150,000 guests stay overnight each season

- At 660 feet, Grand Hotel’s Front Porch is the world’s largest

- There are more than 500 horses on Mackinac Island

- Grand Hotel’s kitchen staff of more than 100 prepares and serves as many as 4,000 meals per day

- Grand Hotel uses 2,500 geraniums, its trademark flower, in all its flower beds combined

- The hotel was built in only 90 days in 1986-87

- Mark Twain lectured in the Grand Hotel in 1895; admission was $1


Watch the video version of this interview on Michael's YouTube channel. 

E35: Amy Satterfield On the Mind-Body Connection

E35: Amy Satterfield On the Mind-Body Connection

December 15, 2018

[Note:  Amy Satterfield owns Explore Yoga studio in Troy, Michigan and is one of the featured panelists at the "Mind, Body & Spirit" luncheon event in Troy, Michigan on January 30, 2019.

The Mind, Body & Spirit event on January 30 is expected to sellout, so register today at ]

The mind-body connection is a key to having a good life.

Watch as Amy and Michael discuss a wide-range of topics including:

- The fact that your spine can move six ways
- Why it's important to keep body fluids in motion
- Use deep breathing to get more from life
- The importance of looking behind you

Show Notes

1. The condition of blood pooling in the body when you're alive is called "chronic venous insufficiency." If you're dead, it's called "lividity" or "livor mortis."

2. The acrobatic running or "Jason Bourne style movement is called Parkour and has its roots in military training.


Episode 34 of Michael's podcast is on how he got to meet U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush.  

E34: How I Met George Herbert Walker Bush

E34: How I Met George Herbert Walker Bush

December 14, 2018

I recorded this video to mark the passing of former President George Herbert Walker Bush.

This is the story of how we met.  

America's 41st Commander-in-Chief, died at age 94. He had a long productive life that included:

- Graduating Yale in only two-and-a-half years
- Being the youngest Naval pilot
- Survived a plane crash and rescued by a submarine
- 70+ years of service to his country
- 73 years of marriage to Barbara Bush
- 1st sitting Vice-President to be elected President since 1836
- Only the 2nd President to have his son also become President
- Head of the Republican National Committee
- Head of the Central Intelligence Agency
- Skydived at age 75, 80, 85 and 90
- Raised $1 billion for charity after his time in the White House

I had the great pleasure of meeting former President Bush when he and I spoke at an international telecommunications conference.

President Bush delivered an amazing keynote speech to 2,000 people at the event where we met. I spoke to 20 in my breakout session.

We took a photo together, which you can see on my blog.

George Herbert Walker Bush was a true patriot and will be missed.

E33: Is this the end of organized religion?

E33: Is this the end of organized religion?

December 9, 2018

[Note: Dr. Carrie Nantais is one of the featured panelists at the "Mind, Body & Spirit" luncheon event in Troy, Michigan on January 30, 2019.  We're expecting this event to sellout, so register today.

Listen as your host, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews Dr. Nantais on a wide-range of topics, including religion vs. spirituality, finding good role models and the three things you need to be good at self-forgiveness.

Show Notes:

1) The word "pew" comes from the Old French word "puye."

2) Michael referenced a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. The exact quotation is: "The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function."

The quotation was published in an article titled, "The Crack-Up", in Esquire Magazine in February, 1936).

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Episode 32 of "Talk to Me" is a fascinating discussion with psychologist, Dr. Kristen Hurrell on why almost everyone practices some form of self-sabotage.  

E32: The Psychology of Self-Sabotage

E32: The Psychology of Self-Sabotage

December 3, 2018

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Note: Dr. Hurrell and Mr. Caruso will speak at Mind, Body, Spirit at the Bank of America Plaza in Troy, Michigan on January 30, 2019.

The event is sponsored by Troy Rotary. More info on the Troy Rotary Facebook page or the Troy Rotary website.


Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews psychologist, Dr. Kristen Hurrell, on a wide-range of topics, including:

3m Why humans self-sabotage
6m How your friends work against you
8m The long-term effects of #MeToo
14m The challenges of addiction
15m Why you can benefit from therapy

20m Vulnerability, the gateway to other problems
23m  Dr. Hurrell's view of the opioid situation
28m "Therapy is not a pill."
30m Ideas for self-care

Also: Home remedies to feel better, including journaling, sleep, exercise, and good nutrition.

At the end of the video, Dr. Hurrell offers her contact information to those looking for help.

Video versions of these interviews are available on Michael's YouTube channel.  Subscribe to be notified of new videos.

E31: Best Presentation Advice I Ever Got

E31: Best Presentation Advice I Ever Got

November 27, 2018

Professional presenters are a special breed.

Salespeople and top leaders are a fearless bunch. You have to be brave to stand up in front of group of people and speak to them with clarity and verve.

Most of sellers are "pleasers" who love the spotlight. They're mostly egocentrics who are more than okay with attention.

"In short, we presenters love ourselves," says veteran keynote speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso. "And we want you to love us."

That's why salespeople work so hard to meet with you. They want to tell you about themselves, their products, their services. They want to give you a presentation and then hopefully, submit a proposal.

"But ego centrism works against us," says Caruso. "The best presentation advice I've received is from the book, 'Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play' by Mahan Khalsa."

This video covers two Khalsa-isms:

1) Don't present to people just because....
2) Don't create/submit a proposal unless you know EXACTLY what the prospect wants.

"When I incorporated these two concepts into how I handled presentations, my life improved immensely" says Caruso. "And now this is what I teach my Present Like a Pro students.'"

More info on Michael's website and his Present Like a Pro FB group.

E30: Author Chris Voss’s son, Brandon on the book, “Never Split the Difference”

E30: Author Chris Voss’s son, Brandon on the book, “Never Split the Difference”

August 31, 2018

Brandon Voss is the son of Chris Voss, author of the terrific book, "Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It."

In negotiation, there are three types of "yes":

1) Counterfeit (designed to make you go away)
2) Confirmation (innocent, reflexive, black & white)
3) Commitment (the real deal, leads to action)

Is your email getting ignored? Put this in the subject line: "Have you given up on this project?"

Other talking points include:

- Never underestimate the other side's desire to correct you

- The question that stops an aggressive negotiator in his tracks is "How am I supposed to do that?"

- The importance of tactical empathy

And know this: women are better negotiators than men.

It turns out that most females truly understand empathy and that there's power in deference.

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E29: People at their worst, life as a paramedic

E29: People at their worst, life as a paramedic

August 18, 2018

They make TV shows about Emily Holstine's job.

She's a paramedic Alliance Mobile Health in southeastern Michigan.  Emily sees people at their best and people at their worst.

Paramedics deal in a lot of different disciplines including medicine, law enforcement, sociology and psychology.

Michael Angelo Caruso leads a fast-paced interview as Emily tells interesting stories from the road and even delivers a CPR lesson.

Emily talks about a psychological phenomenon called the bystander effect AKA "the diffusion of responsibility" and how an individual is less likely to to something if there are other people around.

Michael asks about ambulance response time and how something called "time dilation" confuses people during emergencies.

Other highlights:

Emily shares dramatic and funny stories from the road and Michael accidentally dials 911 TWICE. Oops!

E28: Shawn Blanchard, Millennial Mogul

E28: Shawn Blanchard, Millennial Mogul

August 13, 2018

Here's a compelling interview with entrepreneur, Shawn Blanchard from Detroit, Michigan.

Born a "crack baby," Shawn has risen above his early situation to not just make something of himself, but to become a role model for his generation.

Shawn will speak at a Detroit Athletic Club luncheon on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. The event is sponsored by the Detroit Rotary Club and the Troy Rotary Club. Register at

This interview, conducted by fellow author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, covers a wide range of topics including:

- Shawn's degrees in mathematics and economics
- How he saw himself on TV wearing an orange prison one-piece
- Young and old
- Rich and poor
- White and black

Shawn runs a number of companies including an online academy for authors and speakers and a company that provides suits for business men.

Both Shawn and Michael appeared from southeastern Michigan.