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E47: Netflix Celeb Talks Mental Health

E47: Netflix Celeb Talks Mental Health

December 21, 2019

Mental Illness advocate and Netflix celebrity, Riley Juntti, joins Michael Angelo Caruso for a fascinating discussion on mental health.

The topic focuses on suicide prevention. Riley, a junior at Oakland University, helped create 13 Reasons Why NOT, centered on Netflix’s show 13 Reason’s Why, in which the lead character leaves behind a recording blaming 13 people for her suicide.

Riley's 13 Reasons Why NOT program arranged for thirteen students from Michigan's Oxford High School to make public address announcements to 1,800 fellow students by sharing an emotionally vulnerable place they had been through and thanking someone who had helped them out of it.

Feedback created a national sensation with over 100 major news organizations picking up the story, including Nightline, the Washington Post, and USA Today. National Public Radio (NPR) featured 13 Reasons Why NOT as one of the Best Youth News Stories of 2017 and then, Netflix got involved.

She is now the face of Netflix's social campaign Tell Them which uses inspirational stories to overcome struggles such as mental illness, abuse and sexual harassment.  This social media campaign uses stories of recovery to inspire youth to come forward with the problems they may be facing.  The Tell Them videos can be viewed across all of Netflix's platforms for the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

Riley is currently earning her bachelors in Clinical Psychology at Oakland University, an international public speaker and a certified Crisis Intervention Counselor who teaches on using vulnerability to help those at risk for suicide.  She uses both personal testimony from her battle with mental illness and hands-on work with youth to break silence and stigma surrounding mental health. Her speeches are critically acclaimed for bringing hope to a tough topic and giving communities tangible stories of recovery after mental illness.

Her long-term goal is to educate students, parents, and schools on building a culture of support to decrease mental health stigma.  

More about Riley Juntti at her website and on Netflix.


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E46: Avoid Self-Sabotage With Tips From This Psychologist

E46: Avoid Self-Sabotage With Tips From This Psychologist

December 14, 2019

Self-sabotage is a huge problem today, despite the fact that we live in the most educated, technologically advanced society in history.

Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews psychologist Dr. Kristen Hurrell on a wide-range of topics, including:

3m Why humans self-sabotage
6m How your friends work against you
8m The long-term effects of #MeToo
14m The challenges of addiction
15m Why you can benefit from therapy
20m Vulnerability, the gateway to other problems
23m Opioid advice
28m "Therapy is not a pill"
30m Ideas for self-care

Also: Home remedies to feel better, including journaling, sleep, exercise, and good nutrition.

At the end of this session, Dr. Hurrell offers her website to those looking for help.

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E45: Public Relations Guru, Jeff Caponigro

E45: Public Relations Guru, Jeff Caponigro

November 18, 2019

Bad news travels faster than ever. And bad stuff happens to everyone. Best make a plan to deal with those problems now.

Jeff Caponigro wrote the book on crisis management and has some good ideas on how to prevent crisis, as well.

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Fellow author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, talks with Jeff about what it was like to work on one the biggest public relations campaigns of all time.

Jeff Caponigro, APR, PRSA is Executive Vice President-Corporate Communications and Chief Marketing Officer of Trion Solutions, Inc., in Troy, Michigan. and President and CEO of Caponigro Public Relations Inc., in Southfield, Michigan.

Jeff is one of the country’s most respected public relations and marketing professionals, specializing in branding, reputation management, media relations, speaker and media training, executive coaching and crisis planning and crisis communications.

More on Jeff:

- Worked with approximately 1,000 corporations and non-profit organizations
- In the PR-agency business for 30+ years
- Inducted into the prestigious Public Relations Society of America’s College of Fellows
- Inducted into the PRSA-Detroit Hall of Fame - Accredited in Public Relations
- Served on the Universal Accreditation Board

Jeff is the author of "The Crisis Counselor: A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a Business Crisis," named by "PR WEEK" magazine as one of the “10 best PR books ever written.”  The book is published in English, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish and Danish, and used in more than 100 colleges and universities worldwide.

Caponigro was awarded PRSA’s highest national award, the Silver Anvil, for the public affairs program to encourage passage of safety-belt use laws in 48 states and increase national safety-belt use by 300 percent. That program was named by PR Week magazine as one of the “20 Greatest PR Campaigns Ever.”

He also has received national recognition for his crisis-management work on the 1995 recall of seat belts, which, at the time, was the largest recall in the history of the automotive industry.  He established Caponigro Public Relations in 1995 and Caponigro Marketing Group in 2003.

Jeff earned his B.A. degree from Central Michigan University, majoring in English and journalism, and participated in the month-long Wharton Business School Executive Development Program.

He is a popular business speaker who has addressed groups in the United States, Europe and Asia, and is regularly quoted by the news media on topics such as branding, corporate reputation, strategic planning, communications and crisis management. He has appeared on more than 150 radio interview programs on various marketing and PR topics.

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Jeff Caponigro
Michael Angelo Caruso 

E44: Former NFL kicker, Eddie Murray now helping others

E44: Former NFL kicker, Eddie Murray now helping others

October 31, 2019
Detroit sports legend, Eddie Murray, talks with Michael Angelo Caruso about his days with the Detroit Lions and his current role as ambassador for Hope Network.  The Michigan-based charity helps thousands of people with everything from opioid abuse to brain trauma recovery. 
Register to have lunch with Eddie on Dec. 4, 2019 at Trion Solutions in Troy, Michigan at
Murray grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. He didn't play football in high school, but Murray earned a football scholarship at Tulane University and became a four-year starter. As a senior, he had a perfect season making 35-for-35 field goals. 

Drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1980 and had a tremendous rookie year. He played in all 16 games, made 35 of 36 extra point attempts and booted a league-best 27 field goals, a franchise record.  He also won the NFC scoring title (116 points). He was named to the Pro Bowl where he made 5 field goals and became the only rookie to receive the MVP award until that time.

In 1983, he made the longest field goal in Lions history (54 yards). In 1985, he set a franchise record with 12 straight field goals. The next year, he set the franchise single-season record with 684 points. In 1988, Murray he tied an NFL record for the highest field goal accuracy (95.24%), missing just one all season (20 of 21).
Murray led the team in scoring in each of his first 10 seasons until 1990. In 1992, he left as the franchise's All-time leading scorer, ranking seventeenth in NFL history and was the ninth Lion to have played in 12 seasons. Murray left the game as the 16th highest scorer in NFL history.
Murray currently resides in Michigan with his wife Cynthia and daughter Nicole. 
E43: Rene Pothetes on Nutrition and Smart Food Choices

E43: Rene Pothetes on Nutrition and Smart Food Choices

July 22, 2019

In the previous Talk to Me podcast (Episode 42), you'll discover why Mark Wahlberg is about to make Michael Angelo Caruso's high school history teacher very famous.  

This is Episode 43, an interesting interview with nutrition coach, Rene Pothetes, on how you can ditch diets and find peace with food forever.

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Food is complicated, but not just because of complex ingredients and how they interact with your body.

Figuring out food is also challenging because the act of eating is closely linked to habits, emotions and psychology.

Highlights of this interview:

3:30    Everything in moderation?
5:00    Why food is so complicated (is comfort food good for you?)
6:00    The psychology of eating
11:00  The Great Betrayal (why we eat food that is not good for us)
15:00  Why diets are not helpful
22:00  So we poison ourselves...
35:00  "Hidden" choices

Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews Rene for his "Talk to Me" podcast. 

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She can help you lose weight, get your energy back and improve the quality of your life.

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E42: Mark Wahlberg to Star in Movie About John Wukovits Book

E42: Mark Wahlberg to Star in Movie About John Wukovits Book

July 14, 2019

One of Michael's most interesting podcast episodes, yet! 

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John Wukovits taught history when Michael attended Trenton High School back in the day.

Now retired, John has become America's pre-eminent expert on the Pacific Theater aspects of World War II.  John's the author of twelve books.

So far, his best-selling title is "One Square Mile of Hell," which came out in 2006. But book number six is about to get a big marketing boost because ""Hell From the Heavens" is being made into a movie starring, Mark Wahlberg and directed by Mel Gibson.

Talking points in this video:

 1:00  Michael and John reminisce
 5:00  Transition for teaching to pre-eminent American history author
11:30  Book title rundown (John's favorite, why one was most popular)
16:00  Martin Scorsese quote
17:30  "Hell From the Heavens" to be movie starring Mark Wahlberg*
21:00  Meeting Mel Gibson in Malibu, CA, working w/ The Hollywood Gang
27:00  The brief recommendation that made the movie deal happen
28:15  John's writing routine (6 hours per day)
33:00  Comparisons to Dutch Leonard

*The movie will have a different title

Remember, Michael said it first: "John Wukovits is the Elmore Leonard of World War II history!"

Find out more about John Wukovits's books at his website, Amazon or other bookstores.

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E41: Garold Vallie, Skateboard King

E41: Garold Vallie, Skateboard King

June 25, 2019

Episode 40 of the "Talk To Me" podcast is an interview with R.J. King, the author of Detroit: Engine of America. 

Episode 41 is a chat with Skateboard King, Garold Vallie. 

When Garold Vallie was born he only weighed four pounds.  Then things really got hard.   

Born with his feet facing each other, Garold had to wear painful Gatlin splints on his legs for the first two years of his life--and then he became The Skateboard King.

Garold's become a kind of elder statesman for what is now a $4.8 billion industry with 11.08 million active skateboarders in the world. Skateboarding is now an Olympic event!

So, Garold "Life Maverick" Vallie now does public speaking. He's a role model for the young skateboarders, especially in his town of Wyandotte, Michigan, where he's helping build a skate park for the sport he loves so much.

You have to admire his zest for life and "can do" spirit.

Check out Garold's red hot podcast and website for more info.

E40: R.J. King, Author of Detroit History Book

E40: R.J. King, Author of Detroit History Book

June 16, 2019
Episode 39 of the "Talk to Me" podcast features blind motivational speaker, David DeNotaris.

This is Episode 40, a conversation with Michigan resident, R.J. King, who has written a terrific new book about Detroit's amazing past.    

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Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews R.J. about the "Detroit: Engine of America" and asks the author if we can move forward by studying the past.
The book is a narrative that covers the early days of the city and the official first one hundred years. Interesting facts, include:
  • Detroit is one of the few U.S. cities that's older than the country
  • The city's population was 100 in 1700 and 205,876 in 1890
  • The current Detroit Yacht Club is the largest such clubhouse in the U.S.
  • James Bailey of the Barnum & Bailey circus is from Detroit
  • Ulysses S. Grant lived in Detroit prior to becoming U.S. President
  • In 1895, Detroit had 80 newspapers, 7 of which were dailies
"Detroit: Engine of America" contains stories about many fascinating historical figures, including:
  • Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac founded Fort Ponchatrain du Detroit in 1701
  • Cadillac had 13 children, only 3 of which were alive when he died
  • Lewis Cass who served as a Detroit mayor and ran for U.S. President twice
  • The "Boy Governor," Stevens T. Mason who was Gov at age 22 and dead at age 31
"Detroit: Engine of America" is published by Momentum Books.
R.J. King is the Editor of "DBusiness" magazine, the DBusiness Daily News and Detroit 500. He and his team have won 30+ Editorial Excellence Awards.
As a business writer for the "Detroit News", R.J. wrote over 4,000 articles, mostly covering business in Detroit.
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E39:  David DeNotaris Has No Sight, But Great Vision

E39: David DeNotaris Has No Sight, But Great Vision

February 1, 2019

Michael Angelo Caruso interviews David to learn more about his talks, his book and his lifestyle.

Highlights include:

- What you think about comes about
- Focus on "thinkability" not "disability"
- Be better, not bitter
- Do, delegate or dump
- Be curious, not furious

David's clients include Montclair State University, Boston Market, NASA, Verizon Wireless and New York Life.

His book, "Feeling Your Way Through Life," is about to be released as an e-book. He's been covered in USAToday, Scholastic Publications and the Washington Post.

Learn more about David at his

Michael offers communication strategies and tips in his Present Like a Pro FB group.

E38: Mountaineer, Andy Cave

E38: Mountaineer, Andy Cave

January 28, 2019

Andy Cave is a British mountaineer nominated for the Piolet d'Or award for his ascent of the North Face of Changabang in India.

This is Episode 38 of Michael Angelo Caruso's "Talk to Me" podcast.  E37 is a masterclass in speaking titled, 5 Steps to Amazing Presentations.

Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews Andy for his "Talk to Me" Podcast and they discuss the parallels between climbing and business leadership.

Talking points include:

- The importance of "psychological safety"
- The difference between humility and humiliation
- The 1996 disaster on Mt. Everest
- Why mountain climbing is like flying in an airplane

Andy is the author of the books, "Learning to Breathe" and "The Thin White Line."

He now delivers leadership training to top leaders in businesses all over the world.

Michael and Andy met when they delivered keynote speeches at a leadership conference in Scarborough, England in the United Kingdom.

More on Andy at

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