Talk to Me

E59: Michigan lawmaker, Jim Ellison, talks about protests and the politics of getting along

March 2, 2021

This is a touch time to be a politician.  Michigan Congressman, Jim Ellison, talks about the politics of getting along in Episode 59 of the Talk To Me podcast.

Politics are fascinating. There's gridlock, infighting, power struggles and misrepresentation--and that's just the fun stuff. 

Meet Jim Ellison, State Representative in the 26th House District in the State of #Michigan. He was Mayor of Royal Oak from 2003 to 2016. Ellison is a life-long public servant dedicated to protecting Michigan’s natural resources and communities from pollution and bad actors, fighting inequalities that hardworking families face, and empowering local #government to best serve their residents.

:30 Jim's secret to being undefeated in in 5 Mayoral elections 

2:45 The "hard gavel"

5:15 Michigan House of Representatives explained

7:00 The difference between State politics and national politics in DC

10:30 How politics came to be about "fighting" (President Trump)

11:30 The Michigan State Capitol allows guns but not picket signs 

16:00 When public health policy collides with private health decisions

19:00 The Michigan Governor learns the pandemic in real time

21:30 The downside of failed leadership (working against each other)

23:30 Better to focus on commonality or differences

24:15 "Gun control" is a dumb name (second amendment)

26:00 When politicians "over promise"

28:00 Why we need lobbyists and special interest groups

29:30 The challenge of term limits

31:30 Is special interest money a problem in politics?

34:00 Jim's quest for animal rights

36:45 George Washington and America's two-party system

37:30 "There are four sides to every issue"

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