Talk to Me

E55: New York Times Author, Chris Brogan, on Creating Content

August 8, 2020
You'll love this wide-ranging interview with the New York Times best-selling author, Chris Brogan.

His talking points with fellow speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso include:

1:25 Million dollar speaking tip
6:00 Is it getting harder to be funny?
9:00 Thoughts on appropriation
13:00 "Working on the gilding instead of the building"
14:00 How Chris became a content machine (Evernote)
18:00 Make something of your great ideas
21:00 Why write a book if no one's reading anymore?
25:30 The secret to writing clearly
29:00 Why language is changing
33:00 From pictures to words and now back to pictures, again
35:30 Content creation secret from Reddit
37:00 Attribution vs. plagiarism
39:00 How Chris uses Twitter, email (GDPR) plus his list size!
44:00 What Chris thinks about Gary Vaynerchuk
47:00 Brogan's adventure with depression
54:00 Chris Brogan's Success Tips (small bites)
57:00 "There are no solutions, there are only trade-offs." -Thomas Sowell
59:00 "We would rather take medicine than vitamins." -Chris Brogan
60:00 "The Backpack" is Chris new book on leadership
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