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E58: Dwayne Norris on Race Relations in America

October 13, 2020

Dwayne Norris of Soulful Synergy joins Michael Angelo Caruso for an open and honest conversation about race relations in the United States.

Watch the video version of this interview here.

At the time of this recording these two gentlemen were acquaintances, but didn't know each other well. They tackle difficult and challenging topics.

This particular conversation is more about dialog than it is about identifying solutions.

3:00 The best educated society ever?
4:00 Is tone (such as empathy) set at the top?
5:00 What happens when you let people inside your head
7:00 Separating politics from ideals and civic values
10:00 Being articulate and educated helps one cope
12:00 How civic engagement relates to accountability
13:45 Basic needs allow for reasonable dialog
15:00 Does protesting help or hurt?
18:15 How helpful is virtue signaling?
19:15 What happens after 90% of us start "taking a knee?"
23:00 Revisionism, re-evaluating statues (Wilson, Jefferson)
24:27 The value of looking forward even if symbols have power
26:15 Whitewashing the Incas, Mayans, Native Americans
27:30 Infer vs. imply (are statues ok in museums?)
30:00 Why is a Washington statue ok, but not a Roosevelt statue?
31:30 Do we make problems SMALLER than they really are?
31:00 Malcolm Gladwell on the Sandra Bland incident
34:00 The art of challenging authority
40:00 When authority is not articulate or well trained
41:00 Triggering as related to real and perceived subjugation
42:45 Where are we headed--exactly?
43:15 Fair pay, social equity, people over profits
46:00 Thomas Sowell (and now Candace Owens)
48:30 Soulful Synergy
50:15 Amazon, Wal-Mart and minimum wage
51:15 Is it ok for Gates and Bezos to eventually give away their $?
55:00 Which black business owner is a good role model for fair pay? 57:30 Accountability regarding social contracts
59:30 How can we measure success?
60:30 George Floyd, police brutality
61:30 Let's keep talking and making progress!

Both Dwayne and Michael are Rotarians. Rotary is the largest and best service organization in the world. Dwayne Zoomed in from his home office in Harlem, New York. Michael appeared from his home office in Rochester, Michigan.

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