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E52: Improve Your Workplace Culture; Dana Vogelmeier Interview

May 18, 2020
Dana Vogelmeier helps organizations improve workplace culture.
Everyone deserves a dream job and to work in an engaging environment! If we are all operating at a higher awareness level, we treat each other differently. That behavior will spread like a pebble thrown in the pond!
Michael Angelo Caruso interviews Dana on best practices for making work a better place to be.  Watch the video version of this and other great interviews at  Subscribe to Michael's YT channel (ring that silver bell!) to be notified of new videos.  
Watch Dana's TEDx video, then check out all the other events Dana has enlivened with her amazing expertise and contagious positive attitude.
Dana earned her Masters Degree with a focus in leadership and has studied under John Maxwell to become a John Maxwell Team member. She's a certified Workplace Culture Specialist through The Culture Works and earned a Certified Professional in Performance Learning designation which specializes in pinpointing performance problems.
Additionally, Dana is an experienced speaker, trainer, and coach. Highlights of this interview include:
1:00   Why it's so hard to change workplace culture
3:00   Workplace culture is NOT the info on your website
3:30   Dana's bio includes, a Master's degree, John Maxwell certification
5:00   How to attract and retain top talent
6:00   Workers who stay can be a bigger problem than those who leave
8:00   Being a "business casual" has its challenges
14:00 Starbucks adventure with tattoos
16:15 The crossroads of personal expression, workplace culture
18:30 What the boss wants vs. what the employees want
20:30 The #1 pre-requisite for good workplace culture
21:00 The crucial role of middle managers
22:30 Visibility and value, performance and reward
26:15 The value of direct feedback
27:30 Giving people a choice
29:00 Coming trends include compassion and grace
Note: Dana's comment "right person in the right seat" references Jim Collins' book, "Good to Great."
Check out Dana Vogelmeier's website and her great "Making Great Work Places" Facebook page. Her terrific TED talk is easily found on YouTube. Like/Comment as you prefer.
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