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E53: The Power of Questions | Marketing Expert, Heather Doering

July 13, 2020
Enjoy this interview on the power or questions with Heather Doering.
Heather is a digital marketing expert and owner of Kick Ace Strategies in Michigan. Heather's a smart lady. She knows that good marketing requires knowing your target audience and that means asking good questions.
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There are two types of questions... read on to learn more....
Talking points:
1:00 Heather's background (inc. MA in Psychology from Michigan State University
3:00 Tips for marketing via social media and blogs
4:30 The art of questions
7:30 Questions that get good answers
11:00 Using "interviews" to qualify prospects
11:30 Save TONS of time with this screening strategy
14:15 How to use non-binary questions
18:00 How to not talk too much
16:40 The 3-word phrase that gets people to talk
20:00 Which famous interviewers have the best technique? (Jay Leno? Ellen DeGeneres? Oprah?) 23:00 How you can use questions to improve your marketing
There are two basic types of questions: binary and non-binary.
Binary questions are "closed" questions that can only be answered in two ways (yes or no, Tuesday or Wednesday, AM or PM, black or brown)
Non-binary questions are "open" questions that can only be answered through information exchange. Use binary/closed questions to qualify prospects and close deals. Use non-binary questions to learn how someone thinks and what they are feeling.
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Heather has a degree in psychology from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and is a graduate of the Sandler Sales Training program. She also runs a women's entrepreneur group in SE Michigan.
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