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E60: She climbed 58 mountains in 75 days | Brittney Woodrum is moving up!

April 19, 2021

Meet Brittney "Bert" Woodrum, who climbed all 58 14,000-foot mountains in Colorado within 75 days. She covered 540 miles on the #adventure. #TalkToMe #14er

This is Episode #60 of the "Talk to Me" podcast!

It's a fun conversation and they giggle about the pronunciation of certain words.

Watch the video version of this interview on YouTube at

"Bert" is Brittney's "trail name." This "professional walker" also through-hiked the Appalachian Trail. Talking points include: 3:00

Michael has also interviewed mountain climbers Andy Cave, Ong Hock Siew and Appalachian hiker, Herb Klotz.  (Links below...)

5:00 Brittney's background (education, Myanmar, and almost becoming a monk!)
9:00 A humanitarian fighting injustice and promoting empowerment
11:30 Rotary and ShelterBox
12:00 Hiking the Camino Santiago in Spain (comparing to the Appalachian)
14:45 Coping with altitude (cerebral edema, vomiting) while climbing
18:30 58 summits within 75 days, wow!
20:45 An "Alpine start" (climbing in the dark)
22:00 Trailrunners (Solomons) and other climbing gear
24:00 Britteny's unusual (ShelterBox, "Boxanne") 14 lb. backpack
29:00 Media coverage (TheWeek, People, Washington Post)
33:00 Her fundraising goal was $83K ($1,400 for each of the 58 peak
34:00 She's raised $100,000 so far (much thx to local Rotary Clubs!)
35:30 Donate at

*Watch Michael's interview with other climbers and hikers...

Andy Cave
Ong Hock Siew
Herb Klotz

Brittney Zoomed in from Denver, Colorado. Michael participated from his home office in Detroit, Michigan.

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