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E56: Dr. Diane Hamilton and the Art of Being Curious

August 22, 2020
Is it good to be curious these days?  If so, how can we use questions to improve our lives?

Watch the video version of Michael Angelo Caruso's interview with author and speaker, Dr. Diane Hamilton at

Diane is a business behavioral specialist and has a PhD in business leadership. She's an expert in emotional intelligence (EQ), intelligence quotient (IQ) and curiosity quotient (CQ).

She's the author of "Cracking the Curiosity Code," a book on how to be curious and she created the Curiosity Index to help people cultivate curiosity as a characteristic. The "Thinkers50" has recognized Dr. Hamilton as an expert on the topic of curiosity.

Diane has written a book titled "Cracking the Curiosity Code" and has created an assessment called the Curiosity Code Index, which helps evaluate your curiosity quotient and develop it further. She's also made the coveted "Thinkers 50" an internationally recognized list of important thought leaders.

Dr. Hamilton says there are four things businesses can do to create a culture of curiosity: minimize Fear in the workplace, push back against Assumptions, balancing Technology and Environment (FATE):

1) Minimize FEAR in the Workplace
2) Push Back Against ASSUMPTIONS
3) Balancing TECHNOLOGY

Being curious is a personal asset for people because asking questions helps us become more empathetic, solve problems, deliver customer service and think on our feet. Dr. Hamilton cites the work of the following experts:

- Dr. George Land's work on creativity with NASA
- Dr. Tony Alessandra's work with personality assessment
- Amy Edmondson's TED talk on how curiosity can be used
- Dr. Ken Robinson's TED talk

Being curious is a practical way to avoid going with assumptions, which can damage relationships and cost companies market share.

Learn more about Diane and her nationally syndicated podcast (she interviewed Michael recently) at DrDianeHamilton dot com.

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