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E67: He Was the #1 Salesperson at Xerox By Age 22! Hal Becker Shares Selling Nuggets

July 10, 2022

Here are #selling #tips from a guy who was the #1 salesperson at Xerox at age 22.

Meet Hal Becker, role-model salesperson, drummer and cancer survivor. Sales coach, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews, Hal Becker on the "Talk to Me" #podcast.

Talking points include:

1:00 Hal and Michael met through Wally Reyes, Jr.,* drummer for the Chicago band 7:00 How persuasion works (kindness, fear)
8:15 Question-based selling (Dale Carnegie's book on how to win friends**)
9:30 Putting the customer first (even before the sale itself)
10:00 Fear-based selling or "selling in the shadows"
12:30 Great salespeople start with (questions about) the past
13:00 Great sellers don't have to close -- it happens naturally
14:30 Sell s-l-o-w-e-r (in golf, the tip is "swing slower")
16:30 Hal doesn't believe in referral selling
17:15 Why selling is like standup comedy (Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, Kathy Griffin)

19:00 Two questions to ask yourself before every sales call
20:15 The illusion of control in the sales meeting
21:00 No problem = No sale (find the "conversational rhythm")
23:00 Ask questions to control the sales call
24:15 The salesperson as a shepherd
25:30 The more the PROSPECT talks, the more they like the seller
26:15 How Hal became #1 salesperson at Xerox
29:15 More rejection makes you more money; double your sales calls

31:15 The value of consistent discipline
33:30 Focus on what you can control
34:14 Overcoming stage 3 testicular cancer with 42 tumors
37:00 Which interviewers are the best listeners? (Rogan, Stern, Jobs)
42:00 Snow White and the 6 objections
45:15 Anticipating the objection is like playing chess
47:00 Role of the sales manager
47:30 FIGJAM lol
49:00 Exclusive experiences as conversation fish bait
50:15 3 traits of strong sellers (rapport, talk show host, psychologist)

*Watch Michael's interview with Wally at

** Dale Carnegie's book is titled, "How to Win Friends and Influence People"

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