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E63: Charlie Plumb, 6-Year POW in Vietnam

October 11, 2021

Captain Charlie Plumb was , 6-year prisoner-of-war. Michael Angelo Caruso interviews him on the "Talk to Me" podcast.

He was a POW for 6 at the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam War and makes a living as a keynote speaker.

Captain Charlie Plumb has a "signature story" that most speakers can only dream about.  Read the complete story in his terrific book titled, "I'm No Hero."

A signature story makes you more authentic. When you're more authentic, you're more believable and when your audience members believe you, they're more likely to take action.

Interview topics include:

- How to use silence when presenting
- The "theatre" of speaking
- Why you need to tell your story 2,000 times
- Practice makes closer to perfect
- Adding color, flavor and tone to your story
- The art of self-editing
- The best question to solicit helpful feedback

Learn more about Charlie's magnificent adventure and listen as he and Michael talk about how to craft your own signature story. Please comment below to thank Captain Plumb for his service. Be notified of Michael’s new videos!

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When you’re motivated to be your best, the world is your oyster. Good things such as a great job, ideal partners and prime opportunities, come to those who believe in themselves. Self-esteem and a good strong self-concept are central to being highly motivated.

It’s hard for others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. This is true in leadership, sales and even when raising a family. Tony Robbins’ mentor, Jim Rohn, famously said you are the sum of the five people you hang around with most.

If your five best friends are destitute, you are more likely to become poor. If your favorite five people are upwardly mobile, you are likely to do well financially. If your FFF (Five Friends Forever) are overweight and unhealthy, you’re likely to take on some of their bad habits.

When your best buddies are fit and exercise prone, you are probably like them. Highly motivated people:

- Are in a good mood every day
- See the glass as half-full
- Are optimistic even in the face of adversity
- Are resourceful when meeting challenges
- Exercise, eat right, take care of themselves
- Banish negative thinking
- Systemize productive thoughts, emotions, behavior
- Consume “how-to” books, videos and podcasts
- Avoid angry people and negative emotions
- Have “leftover” energy to help others and give back

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