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E62: He started the band Rush! Michael Angelo Caruso interviews Peter Schultz from Canada

June 14, 2021

Peter Schultz was in an early version of Rush.  He helped start the legendary band!

We all come from someplace and the gentleman featured in this interview Neal Peart, the virtuoso drummer of the Canadian prog-rock band, Rush, passed away a while back, causing many fans to reminisce to people were about the early days of the band.

Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviewed Peter (remember the TV show "What's My Line?") Schultz about his odd and exciting connection to the Alex Lifeson, the guitar player in Rush.

Peter grew up in Toronto, Ontario and played in a band with the guitar player from Rush. From age 12 to age 14, Peter and Alex jammed together in at least one-third of the band that was the band that became Rush. Michael conducted this "Talk to Me" podcast interview from Detroit, Michigan and Peter Zoomed in from British Columbia, Canada.

Michael was also in a band early on. The Caruso Brothers toured North America on the college circuit opening for acts such as Rick "Jessie's Girl" Springfield, Joan "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" Jett and Corey "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night" Hart.

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