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E51: Surviving COVID-19; My Interview with Sam Abu-Hamdan

May 2, 2020
Surviving COVID-19 is a unique achievement. Michael Angello Caruso interviews, Sam Abu-Hamdan, a coronavirus survivor.
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COVID-19 survivors are interesting people on a number of levels. Compared to the total population, not many people contract the illness, but a large percentage of victims have died from it.
In addition, the coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and makes it difficult to breathe, a terribly stressful condition, especially if you're self-quarantined.
The novel (new) coronavirus was officially named COVID-19 on February 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization. By that date, it had already killed hundreds of people. Originating in Wuhan, the Central Province of China, the coronavirus has had a cataclysmic impact worldwide.
As of April 20, 2020, the COVID-19 had infected millions of people and killed over 165,000 within a short time period.
Sam Abu-Hamdan shares his story of how he recovered from COVID-19 in a fascinating interview with Michael Angelo Caruso on the "Talk to Me" podcast. Highlights of this conversation include:
1:30 How COVID-19 got its name (CORonaVIrus Disease, discovered in 2019)
2:00 Sam's memory of contracting COVID-19
4:00 How Sam's symptoms presented (everyone's different)
5:00 Why it can be hard to know if you have the virus
6:00 Why in some ways it doesn't matter if you've contracted COVID-19
7:30 A "flu" that kills
10:00 How Sam coped in self-quarantine
11:00 The simple oxygen measurement device that helped him get through the night
13:30 When breathing panic means a trip to the hospital emergency room
16:30 And the unbearable headaches!
20:00 Why nights are the worst and how to cope
23:00 What "exponential" means
24:00 Public health vs. private wellness decisions
26:00 Economic impacts
27:00 Why comparing COVID-19 to the flu isn't helpful
31:00 Getting back to normal
Welcome back, Sam--we're glad you're feeling better!
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