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E50: Networking Expert, Terry Bean

February 22, 2020
Here's a fun interview with the one and only, Terry Bean from Detroit, Michigan.
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Terry is a Co-founder of TEDx-Detroit and the Executive Director of Motor City Connect, Detroit's premiere live networking organization.
Enjoy this wide ranging interview as Michael Angelo Caruso and Terry cover a bunch of interesting topics, including:
 1:00  A behind-the-scene look at TEDx-Detroit (ongoing convo throughout)
 2:15  Event planning strategies
 6:30  Detroit as "comeback city"
12:15 Motor City Connect
15:15 Ch-ch-ch-changes!
16:00 Why you can't say "I don't know" anymore
24:00 Terry's new online coaching program
Watch to get many great tips from Terry on how to make the most of change.
Plus, some EPIC name dropping, including Dan Gilbert, Apple, Rock Financial, U2, Cleveland Cavaliers, Bono, Charlie Wollborg, Uber, Lawrence Tech, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr., Google and Cher!?
Terry is a public speaker, a networking coach and author of the book, "Be Connected," a primer on how to develop quality relationships.  He offers online coaching so you can level up your networking skills and amp up your career.  Learn more about Terry at
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