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E46: Avoid Self-Sabotage With Tips From This Psychologist

December 14, 2019

Self-sabotage is a huge problem today, despite the fact that we live in the most educated, technologically advanced society in history.

Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews psychologist Dr. Kristen Hurrell on a wide-range of topics, including:

3m Why humans self-sabotage
6m How your friends work against you
8m The long-term effects of #MeToo
14m The challenges of addiction
15m Why you can benefit from therapy
20m Vulnerability, the gateway to other problems
23m Opioid advice
28m "Therapy is not a pill"
30m Ideas for self-care

Also: Home remedies to feel better, including journaling, sleep, exercise, and good nutrition.

At the end of this session, Dr. Hurrell offers her website to those looking for help.

More on Michael at and in his Present Like a Pro group on Facebook.

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