Talk to Me

E43: Rene Pothetes on Nutrition and Smart Food Choices

July 22, 2019

In the previous Talk to Me podcast (Episode 42), you'll discover why Mark Wahlberg is about to make Michael Angelo Caruso's high school history teacher very famous.  

This is Episode 43, an interesting interview with nutrition coach, Rene Pothetes, on how you can ditch diets and find peace with food forever.

[Watch the video version of this interview here.]

Food is complicated, but not just because of complex ingredients and how they interact with your body.

Figuring out food is also challenging because the act of eating is closely linked to habits, emotions and psychology.

Highlights of this interview:

3:30    Everything in moderation?
5:00    Why food is so complicated (is comfort food good for you?)
6:00    The psychology of eating
11:00  The Great Betrayal (why we eat food that is not good for us)
15:00  Why diets are not helpful
22:00  So we poison ourselves...
35:00  "Hidden" choices

Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, interviews Rene for his "Talk to Me" podcast. 

Get more info on Rene and her online coaching program at and her Facebook group.

She can help you lose weight, get your energy back and improve the quality of your life.

Join Michael's "Present Like a Pro" Facebook group if you do presentations of any kind.

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