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E31: Best Presentation Advice I Ever Got

November 27, 2018

Professional presenters are a special breed.

Salespeople and top leaders are a fearless bunch. You have to be brave to stand up in front of group of people and speak to them with clarity and verve.

Most of sellers are "pleasers" who love the spotlight. They're mostly egocentrics who are more than okay with attention.

"In short, we presenters love ourselves," says veteran keynote speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso. "And we want you to love us."

That's why salespeople work so hard to meet with you. They want to tell you about themselves, their products, their services. They want to give you a presentation and then hopefully, submit a proposal.

"But ego centrism works against us," says Caruso. "The best presentation advice I've received is from the book, 'Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play' by Mahan Khalsa."

This video covers two Khalsa-isms:

1) Don't present to people just because....
2) Don't create/submit a proposal unless you know EXACTLY what the prospect wants.

"When I incorporated these two concepts into how I handled presentations, my life improved immensely" says Caruso. "And now this is what I teach my Present Like a Pro students.'"

More info on Michael's website and his Present Like a Pro FB group.