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E29: People at their worst, life as a paramedic

August 18, 2018

They make TV shows about Emily Holstine's job.

She's a paramedic Alliance Mobile Health in southeastern Michigan.  Emily sees people at their best and people at their worst.

Paramedics deal in a lot of different disciplines including medicine, law enforcement, sociology and psychology.

Michael Angelo Caruso leads a fast-paced interview as Emily tells interesting stories from the road and even delivers a CPR lesson.

Emily talks about a psychological phenomenon called the bystander effect AKA "the diffusion of responsibility" and how an individual is less likely to to something if there are other people around.

Michael asks about ambulance response time and how something called "time dilation" confuses people during emergencies.

Other highlights:

Emily shares dramatic and funny stories from the road and Michael accidentally dials 911 TWICE. Oops!