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E25: Rosh Sillars on managing your YouTube channel

July 2, 2018

Want to get more from your YouTube channel?

Join author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso and digital marketing expert, Rosh Sillars for a deep dive into YouTube. This video provides dozens of tips for being a "YouTuber."

Note: Things change on YouTube all the time. Feel free to leave updates and helpful comments below. We're all in this together.

Talking pointsfor this podcast episode include:

- YouTube mentors we subscribe to
- Why cards are important on YouTube
- The secret formula for thumbnails
- How to create a niche and playlists
- How to re-purpose your vids on other platforms
- A quick tour of YouTube analytics
- Recommended tools such as TubeBuddy and VidIQ

Remember to use your keywords in three places:

1. The video title (use about 50 of the 100 characters allowed)
2. The description (5,000 characters allowed)
3. The tags

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