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E48: Business Mentor Lisa Mininni on Human Hardwiring

February 5, 2020
Good mentors are hard to come by.

Meet Lisa Mininni, best-selling author & President of Excellerate Associates, a business mentoring and leadership/organizational development company Lisa is also founder of The Business Innovation Lab, which offers co-working office space and conference facilities.

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Best Selling Author, Lisa Mininni, is a "human hard-wiring" expert. She travels the globe educating small business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders on biological hard-wiring.
Wiring dictates the type of environment in which you are best equipped to thrive and succeed, and the kind of environment you prefer to live and work. Your hard-wiring drives you in business and is primarily unconscious.
Hard-wiring and how you run your business systems are deeply connected. Lisa shows you how to make those connections so you increase your profits to levels you didn’t think were possible. You’ve seen her featured in major media including the Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping and radio shows across North America.
Visit the Excellerate Associates website for the monthly events, including Introduction Workshops, a Profitability Lab and sessions where business owners:
- Get in touch with their contribution in the world
- Understand human wiring distinctions
- Assess their profitability systems
Highlights of this video, include:
1:00 "A business owner who speaks"
2:30 Getting clarity on your biz (the 6-Word Exercise)
3:40 Differentiation from Tom Cruise
500: The traffic accident that gave Lisa amazing clarity
7:38 How to use licensing to build your revenue system
9:00 Using personality assessments to find your stride
12:20 The difference between younger leaders, older leaders
13:45 Lisa gets results!
14:45 Money doesn't motivate everyone
16:15 Why sales contests don't work
18:30 Do young professionals learn differently?
20:00 Why communication is the focus, not gender, race, age...
22:20 Excellerate Associates World HQ in Livonia, Michigan
26:00 "The floor before the toilet"
More on Lisa and her services at the EA website.
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